How to become a Registered Nurse (RN)?

To be a Registered Nurse, you must go through a four year nursing course, and you have to pass a nursing board exam. Registered Nurses have a lot of purpose: most registered nurses can prescribe medications depending on what state they are located in, and they get to work closely with the physicians. Registered nurses can also work in all different facilities. They can work in hospitals, schools, clinics, companies, etc. RN’s also are likely to supervise LPNs and CNAs. Studying to be a RN you can go online or college campuses.

Nursing Career choices for interested candidates

If you are a recent nursing graduate, choosing a specific job you want to partake in is an exciting event of your nursing career. The development of the nursing field has opened up many different possibilities for modern day nurses. Modern day nursing careers include careers like forensic nursing, flight nursing, travel nursing, and many more. Not only do nurses today have a wide variety of careers to choose from, the nurses also have a more organized growth path.



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