Choices in Nursing Careers

The choices of nursing careers, today, are growing drastically. This is the reason why a many young people these days are interested in this specific type of profession. There are a lot of careers that nurses are capable of finding that are very emotionally as well as financially rewarding. There are also numerous amounts of nursing careers that take place outside of the standard hospital system. A lot of people think nurses just work in hospitals and that is not the case at all.

Here are some of the most in demand nursing careers today:

Travel Nursing - Travel nurses are certified nurses who travel to different places to work temporary, short term positions that complete different tasks. There are many hospital and healthcare institutions in carious cities and states that are looking for traveling nurses. Travel nursing job offers way higher pay then just standard nursing jobs in a hospital or clinic. Depending on the tasks of the job that needs to be done, salary rates can vary from $24-$42 an hour.

Military Nursing - When working a position in military nursing, you will be taking care of military forces both overseas and at home. When being a military nurse in the Armed Services, the job offers you break for further education, tours, and profession development. Similar to travel nursing, the pay for being a military nurse in Armed Services pays very well. Pay for being a military nurse can be up to fifty thousand dollars per year. Not only can the salary from being a military nurse be good, when working in this area you can receive a loan to pay back your nursing school fees you may have that are not paid.

Forensic Nursing- Forensic nurses differ severely from most other nursing professions. Forensic nurses work strictly with law enforcement. They collect facts that take place at crime and calamity scenes. Forensic nurses are special trained to categorize injuries and deaths and their important causes. They also preserve documents about the chains of custody and present victims for a suitable, follow up care.

Legal Nurse Consultant (LNC) - Certified legal nurse consultants usually work with business attorneys and private lawyers. Legal nurse consultants do not just have to work inside courtrooms. If a LNC chooses not to work for a business attorney or private lawyer, they have the choice of working in hospitals, clinics, insurance companies, and they can even work in government agencies. A lot of legal nurse consultants are hired to provide declaration at pharmaceutical firms and even for chemical manufacturers.

Surgical Nursing- When serious surgical procedures are being done, such as an organ transplant, surgical nurses help provide support to the physicians. They also provide support to the physicians during neurosurgery. Surgical nurses give assistance to patients who under go any kind of surgery and help assists physicians during a surgical procedure.

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