How to become a Nurse?

There are three basic entry levels nursing degree programs have to choose from if you have the life long goal of being able to take the NCLEX and obtaining your license in registered nursing. Here are some of the things each program entails.

Nursing Diploma - The nursing diploma is managed by the hospitals. The nursing diploma was far more popularly used back in the 1970’s than it is used today. Back in the day, there were over eight hundred nursing diploma programs that existed. Now, there are less than one hundred nursing diploma programs that exist today. In terms of nursing education and training, the strength of a nursing diploma is it gives the students studying this profession an actual hand on hospital experience. This puts the student at the forefront of any patient care. Hospitals that offer this kind of program collaborate with a community college where students complete their academic coursework.

Associates Degree in Nursing (ADN) - The associates degree in nursing is a two to three year nursing program that provides any student desiring to become a nurse with all the skills and training that is needed and required for a certain job in the nursing industry. The ADN gives more importance on the useful training of the nursing. With that being said academic courses such as Math, Science, and English still have to be completed. The associates degree in nursing and a nursing diploma are very similar in a lot of ways. That being true, the ADN does have one advantage on a nursing diploma. The advantage that the ADN has is it can be used as a start out point for a bachelors degree in nursing.

Bachelors Degree in Nursing (BDN) - The bachelors degree in nursing is believed to be the entry level degree for professional nursing practices. Even though the bachelors degree in nursing is known to be the entry level degree for professional nursing practices, the program still allows you to become a Registered Nurse, as well as the other three nursing programs. Registered Nurses who graduate with their bachelors degree in nursing eventually go on to take higher positions in hospitals or clinics. Some graduates of BDN are also qualified to get training for specialized areas.

The nursing degree programs that have been discussed above can lead to a student to get licensed as a professional nurse. That being said, the different jobs have different qualifications. In this case the BDN usually gets the edge. Knowing each benefit to the different types of the nursing degree programs can make your nursing career choice that much easier.



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