Nursing Career choices for interested candidates

If you are a recent nursing graduate, choosing a specific job you want to partake in is an exciting event of your nursing career. The development of the nursing field has opened up many different possibilities for modern day nurses. Modern day nursing careers include careers like forensic nursing, flight nursing, travel nursing, and many more. Not only do nurses today have a wide variety of careers to choose from, the nurses also have a more organized growth path. With all of these different nursing careers to choose from today, traditional direct patient care is still an importance of nursing professions. Traditional direct patient care is not only an essential of nursing professions, it is the best way to start out in the nursing field and an outstanding choice for people who want a meaningful career in helping care for people.

Here are a few possible considerations for a career when entering the nursing field:

Licensed practical nurse - Licensed practical nurses provide bedside patient care under the supervision of a physician or Registered Nurse. If you are interested in becoming a licensed practical nurse you do not have to obtain a college degree. Most individuals who want to become a licensed practical nurse go through a state approved training program that lasts about a year. The program must be completed. In order to obtain a license and practice this career you must go through and pass the National Council Licensure Examination. Duties of a LPN include giving injections, bandaging injuries or wounds, and they help patients with grooming and hygiene.

Staff Nurse - Staff nurses have possibly the most difficult and demanding job of all other nurses and are the important part in the direct patient care mechanism.

Advanced Practice Nurses - There are four types of advanced practice nurses. These include: clinical nurse specialists, nurse midwives, nurse practitioners, and nurse anesthetists. All four types of advanced practices, currently, require Registered Nurses to at least have a masters degree in nursing. Advanced practice nursing is one of the most exciting nursing careers for individuals who want to keep the path of direct patient care continuing.

Nurse Supervisor or Manager - When choosing to be a nurse supervisor or nurse manager, you take on responsibilities such as supervising and directing all sides of direct patient care. Taking on the duties of a nurse manager vary from delegation of work to ensure that the quality standards are met by nursing staff at all times. When taking on the duties of a nursing manager you are also responsible for monitoring the performances of the staff, hiring, etc. Because of all the responsibilities nurse managers and nurse supervisors have to take on, they usually do not get to provide patients with care. If you want to become a nurse supervisor or nurse manager it will typically require you to have a masters degree in nursing administrations. A lot of registered nurses can qualify for this position with a bachelors degree in nursing. As long as the individual can provide they have enough experience and they show consistent performance.


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