Salary trends for Registered Nurses

Within the huge spectrum of the health care industry , registered nurses makes up the major work force as they a play a main and vital role in caring for the sick patients and also running a overall health care facility. Since there is a lot of demand for nurses, several job openings are found in the medical industry and RNs have more choices like where to work, in what shifts they want to work, etc. However, as thus industry and patient care is requires around the clock, choices with shifts cannot always be an option. As the demand for nurses is high all over the world, nursing salaries are also high nowadays.

Currently, salaried for RNs have ranged from$40,000 to $75,000 depending on experience and work location. Salaries specifically for registered nurses have been increasing steadily over the past few years approximately by $12,000 to $15,000 yearly; it is almost a 5% hike from last two years. Few RNs have additional responsibility that allows for higher increases in their salaries. Most of the times, RNs purse a career in nursing sector due to their dedication in helping and caring for people and their keen interest in science and health care. RNs have different functions and duties depending upon their work area.

The current recruiting trends are expected to go on throughout the overall healthcare system; particularly with registered nursing members. The nursing employment rate specifically for RNs is likely to grow by 22% within the next few years. As a result of this employment rate most students have made nursing as their study choice. Hospitals or medical centers employing RNs usually prefer nurses holding an associate degree at least; though, they are even more liable to hire a registered nurse with a bachelor's degree.


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